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Practical Acupuncture Legalities in the state of Michigan

In Michigan, and many other states, practical acupuncture is the practice of acupuncture by non-physician lay acupuncture technicians under the direct medical delegation and supervision of a licensed medical or osteopathic physician. The legal requirements for physician delegation and supervision of an acupuncturist are part of the Michigan Public Health Code and are enforced by the Michigan Office of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). The parent organization of the MMAA, the American Manual Medicine Association has created a new booklet (FAQ) and continuing education program for its members. In this material, the AMMA attempts to explain and to lay out how to comply with state delegation and supervision laws and rules regarding the practice of acupuncture. Detailed information and examples are provided in this material. Upon completion and submission of the accompanying course assignment, three (3) CEs are awarded to AMMA/MMAA members with a certificate of completion in this continuing education program from American Health Source.

This Link will direct you to this continuing education program, CE Number 43, Practical Acupuncture Legalities in the state of Michigan.

January 2017

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