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Welcome to the Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association (MMAA)
         The Largest Association of Acupuncture Professionals in Michigan

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The Members of the Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association are highly trained in manual medicine and medical acupuncture.  MMAA members are nationally board certified by the American Manual Medicine Association.  We are now inviting you to join our professional family.

AMMA Clean Needle Technique Requirements

Medicine of the past to medicine of the future, over 6000 years of effective health care...

Understanding Medical Acupuncture
Acupuncture has been utilized and recognized as an effective method of healing for thousands of years. Nothing that is without significant value ever lasts that long! Because acupuncture is such an old system of health care it has been observed, studied, and researched for centuries.

Medical acupuncture utilizes modern research and contemporary methods of care. The medical acupuncture professional is often a trained medical health care worker such as a physical therapist, nurse, medical massage therapist, medical manual therapist, or a medical or chiropractic physician.

The Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association is an administrative affiliate and corporate state chapter of the American Manual Medicine Association.

The Medical acupuncture professional belongs to the American Manual Medicine Association (AMMA) and the Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association and adheres to the professional standards and ethical code of these two associations. This standard requires that the medical acupuncture professional works with and under the direction of a licensed physician.

The MMAA Mission

The Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association promotes and supports the safe and evidence based practice of acupuncture.  The MMAA is engaged in regulatory legislation which meets or exceeds all national standards, and strives to expand access through awareness and understanding of the preventive and long-term health benefits of acupuncture.

The MMAA has as its primary mission to facilitate and promote rigorous scientific investigation to evaluate the effectiveness, safety and mechanisms of action of acupuncture practices. Of particular note is the CAM Research and Information Resources listings that are of value for professionals and consumers alike.  Especially strong is the collection of links for acupuncture medicine and those for public health acupuncture.

Public health acupuncture focuses on HIV and substance abuse clinics where those without insurance and limited resources may still benefit from acupuncture medicine.  Public health acupuncture is realized through an integrated treatment approach. In addition to patients being treated in private practice by a sole practitioner an integrated health care team of counselors, physicians, nurses, psychologists and acupuncturists work together to the benefit of clients, patients and society.  Additionally, the MMAA promotes public health acupuncture through its Public Safety Proficiency Certification and Acupuncture Clean Needle Technique Examinations.

To this end, we invite all qualified acupuncturists to join and advance the knowledge base of manual medical acupuncture through education, training and ethics in medicine.

The Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association is an administrative affiliate of the American Manual Medicine Association

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