Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association

About the MMAA

The Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association is an administrative affiliate and corporate state chapter of the American Manual Medicine Association.


To All Other Acupuncturists, I Say This:

  • You are my brother and sister in health care. Although, we may come from different paths to this sacred art of healing, I welcome you to both this art and profession. I recognize the beauty in your healing hands, mind, and heart. I celebrate the unity within our diversity. I see richness and reward in our sharing of knowledge and experience.
  • As you are my brother and sister in healing I will uplift you. If you are alone, I will be your friend. If you need assistance, without hesitation I will support you. If you are broken, I will mend you. To those that speak against you, I will arise to defend you.
  • If you need my good counsel or teaching it is yours, if you are unable to pay for my succor, you will not need to for I will stand by your side regardless. I will reach out to uplift you regardless. I will open my arms to you regardless.
  • May we never forget that we are more alike than different. May we always recognize our most vital bond through this healing art. May we always realize that if there is a time for healing it is now, and it is always. For if the healers are not reconciled among themselves, from where will healing come?

Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association

Advisory Board:

Linda Hegstrand, M.D., Ph.D., Dipl. Ac., Medical Director
Ramin Rahimi, D.O., Dipl.Ac.
Gregory T. Lawton, D.N., D.C., D.Ac.
Virginia G. Dusseau, M.A., L.P.C.

Board Members:

Jeffrey S. Russell D.O., FACOI, CFMS, D.Ac.
Gregory T. Lawton, D.N., D.C., D.Ac.
Shahida El Amin, B.S., R.N., H.H.P., C.C.N., D.Ac.
Michael Swedberg, P.Ac., H.H.P.
Lisa Letts, L.M.T., H.H.P., D.N., P.Ac.
Chelsea Showalter, H.H.P., P.Ac.
Stephanie Amey, H.H.P., P.Ac.
Adam Trisler, C.M.T., H.H.P., P.Ac
Matt Kelly, L.M.T., H.H.P., P.Ac.
Shahida El Amin, B.S., R.N., H.H.P., C.C.N.

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