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MMAA and the Michigan Oriental Healing Arts Institute (MOHAI) adopt the Blue Heron Academy as a member training center.

The Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association (MMAA) announced today that member school the Blue Heron Academy has been established as an educational training site for the Michigan Oriental Healing Arts Institute (MOHAI), a division of the MMAA. The Institute helps to organize and sponsors educational programs in oriental medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine and tuina. MOHAI provides referrals to qualified instructors and scholarship programs for students but does not provide education programs itself. The membership relationship between OHAI and the Blue Heron Academy founder, Dr. Gregory T. Lawton, began in 1987. To find out more about the Michigan Oriental Healing Arts Institute and the Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association please visit the MMAA website at www.michiganmedicalacupuncture.org.

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