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Important Update on the NBCA AMMA Practical Acupuncture Exam

Practical Acupuncture Technician and Diplomat Exam

The practical acupuncture exam has been re-designed and formatted with the elimination of all but five historical questions pertaining to traditional oriental medicine. This means that the exam is based upon western evidence based therapeutic needling content.

The NBCA AMMA Practical Acupuncture is currently undergoing statistical validation and job task analysis.

The technician portion of the exam contains 100 multiple choice questions that cover medical acupuncture, the physiological effects of therapeutic needling, clean needle and cross infection control, and ethics and law. The Diplomat section of the exam contains 5 multiple choice and 5 clinical case study essay questions.

If you have completed either AMMA state chapter practical acupuncture training, the AHS distance education acupuncture programs, and/or other training in medical, clinical, or practical acupuncture you may sit for this exam.

Please consider the AHS ongoing practical acupuncture accelerated training program for your future training in practical acupuncture.

Contact Nicole Berry for more information on this training program:

American Health Source, Inc.
2040 Raybrook SE, Suite 103
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Email: info@americanhealthsource.org
Toll Free Number:  888-375-7245
Fax: 616-575-9066

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